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Wide Range of Products

With our wide range of batteries we can supply all your your requirements, Automotive, Marine, Custom Packs, and industrial Batteries.

Our Lift Truck department can supply all of your electric lift truck battery requirements.

Our customization department can construct just about any battery pack you may require for specialized needs.

edmonton chrismar batteryedmonton car batteries

Auto Batteries:

edmonton automotive batteries
a)   Cars, Truck & Imports, Cables, Connectors, Charges

b)   Heavy Equipment, Large Trucks, Generators, Buses

c)   Deep Cycle, Marine & Golf Carts, 10" - 12" - 20 3/4" Batteries, 12v (6v & 8v Golf Carts)

Think Green

edmonton generators Recycling of Batteries

Battery recycling is a recycling activity that aims to reduce the number of batteries being disposed as municipal solid waste.   Because batteries contain toxic chemicals and a number of heavy metals, their dumping has raised much concern over risks of soil contamination and water pollution across the country.

edmonton lithium cells Chrismar Battery Ltd.

has formed a Battery Recycling program which provides businesses with an alternate solution for recycling. Please contact us for more information on the qualifying types.

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